Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trail Running in Hong Kong

Today I went for a run on the trains in Hong Kong - which was a completely new experience. Luckily I had a guide for this tour, someone that I work with. We took a taxi up to the mountains where we picked up the trail.

The route we took altered between dirt trail and paved paths. The paved parts were much easier to run on and still very peaceful - high up and outside of the city. The dirt trains were filled with rocks and were still very wet from the rainstorm the day before. While very challenging, it felt completely different from the rest of the city, almost like running on the volcanoes in Hawaii - we were completely surrounded by rain forest.

We ran for about an hour, and had a lot of great views of the south side of the city. Of course, with the hot temperatures and humidity, I was sweating quite a bit! However, it's a good preview for what my half marathon in Phuket, Thailand will be like.